191 Peachtree

Scope of Work:

191 Peachtree is a 50 story class A Office building with dramatic atrium lobbies. One lobby encompasses a large water feature against a plaster and marble feature wall stretching upward toward the 50’ high ceiling. The architect detailed a 6” square, 24 karat gold leaf finish to be applied to the plaster wall above the fountain. To achieve this we had to apply 6 different coatings prior to the gold leaf, then lay out a grid so all the gold leaf was perfectly balanced and the overall look was level. The installer always had to be right in front of the location the gold leaf was being applied for proper installation. Goodman designed a scaffold system that enabled the installers to be safely right against the wall. The scaffold system was erected over the water feature and was the full height of the wall, with adjustable platforms placed just inches away from the plaster walls and a walking stairway, to facilitate the numerous up and down trips required for this 6 week installation.

Industry: Office Space