Georgia Aquarium

Scope of Work:

Goodman performed a multitude of jobs for Brasfield and Gorrie at the Georgia Aquarium. Along with completing all painting and wall covering, Goodman also applied many special finishes throughout the Aquarium. Of special interest is the application of Duraplex, Fabric Panels, Scuffmaster, Dry Fog, application of paint to Tnemec Steel, installation of two part epoxy in the fish hospital, and specialty wall covering in the food court that was imported from Canada. The job was unique in that it was the first aquarium in Georgia, Goodman worked closely with many different trades outside the construction industry, and that it was the first job performed of its kind by any local firms.

Industry: Public Facilities

Having worked with several different panting contractors in the past, we knew this wouldn’t be like any other job we had done. Our General Superintendant even tried to talk every specialty contractor out of the job as we reviewed the scope for each trade, and painting was no different. But Goodman was up for the challenge. Not only was their price right, but their service was right on target. We definitely feel we made the right selection with Goodman. They were a valuable asset to our team and a key player in making the job a success.

We had a very difficult task in building the world’s largest aquarium (in half the time as Aquariums half the size from what I understand from a number of articles) and Goodman was up for the challenge. Personal attention was given to the job by Jeffery Diamond as he himself attended numerous coordination and planning meetings. We completed the project with one week to spare on the construction schedule and when we turned the building over the punch list was complete. There was no touch up paint here, touch up paint there…, we were 100% done one week prior to opening the doors. That alone says a lot about our team.