The Terraces

Industry: Office Space
Challenge - Solution:

The exterior of the Terraces North and South office buildings presented monumental rigging hurdles for which our clients turned to Goodman to overcome. Because of the complex architectural elements at the building, there were no simple or common rigging solutions. The building has multiple exterior exposed concrete beams which protrude from the building’s exterior skin. In an effort to overcome this challenge, we used skyhooks to hang on exposed open concrete beams where sunshields blocked our access. In addition, parapet clamps were used on all other open beams which were all tied back to mounts on rooftop structure and other beams. Because of the variable dimensions of the beams and incremental staging, assembly and disassembly was conducted frequently, as no dimensions were the same. We also utilized a cantilevered walking board to paint the structure adjacent to parking deck and building which protruded over a body of water. This mechanism was tied back to the bridge structure itself.

On the interior portion, we were required to assemble platform staging to re-paint ceilings which were approximately 160 feet in the air in an exposed atrium. Because there were only 3 definable points of rigging availability to hang our staging and because we were constructing a square platform, we utilized a cantilevered beam look out for which we tied back by looping cables over and under pedestrian bridging. The exposed portion of the elevator shafts also required rigging an unconventional swing stage through the same access point as the elevator cables themselves.


Goodman Decorating exceeded expectations at the recently completed North and South Terraces renovation project. The $2.3 million dollar project consisted of painting the exterior for each building, painting and wall covering the 88 core restrooms, painting both eleven story lobbies, conference center and fitness center. Additionally, Goodman Decorating also installed the fabric wall covering in 16 of the building corridors.

They consistently stayed on schedule as each of the 88 restrooms was turned over weekly with superior quality. One of the most challenging components of this project was the staging and scaffolding of the lobbies due to numerous beams and columns in the buildings. Again, Goodman safely managed the difficult situation and completed the job beautifully all while the building was fully occupied.

Another strong point for Goodman is that they always provided the appropriate man power for each phase of the project so that it stayed on schedule. Additionally, their management and field personnel continually and effectively communicated with Humphries and Company throughout the project.

Humphries and Company is proud to have utilized Goodman Decorating as part of the team that helped make this challenging renovation a success for all parties involved.